Too Hot To Handle season 4 episodes 1-5 review: Finally a new setup with the original essence of the show


Too Hot To Handle is back and this time, the whole concept has changed. That makes it an interesting start to the show.

James, from Hawaii, makes quite an impression as he refuses to hide his straightforward nature. Soon, however, his personality changes as the show demands it to.

Nigel too becomes an instant attraction because of his rock-hard abs and love for parties. Kayla becomes instantly popular among the guys too.

Even before Lana introduces herself to everyone, these contestants get into complicated relations – one built over jealousy and second options. As things progress, their relationships do too and beautifully.

The punchlines like ‘mile dry club’ take this series to a whole new level. Like always, Lana and the narrator are too spicy for the show.

The drama between Nigel, Kayla and Seb just doesn’t seem to come to an end. When it does though, it’s one of the most heartwarming things on the show.

Rules are broken one-after-another and James, who took up the responsibility of the accountant, fails to keep up with his duties either. This also affects his relationship in the retreat.

Seb and Kayla end up being the naughty couple of the show. Will they fail or succeed is something that people need to find out themselves.

Various surprises are in the store and most of them are happy surprises. They involve Seb too.

The wild card entrants who try to ruin relationships manage to do that with one couple. The drama commences but where will it end?

The beautiful parts of Too Hot To Handle are back and they are heartwarming as always. The show was made to bring out the vulnerability of each person and thankfully, the current episodes from this season manage to do exactly that.

With more rule breaks and learnings, Too Hot To Handle new episodes promise way too much fun and entertainment. Stay tuned to figure what these troublemakers are up to now.


Too Hot To Handle season 4 is a much better upgrade than season 3. This show has a new concept but manages to keep the realism of the series intact. The vulnerability of humans is back with this season and it makes this show (at least the episodes released so far) special.

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