Wednesday Bloopers Show Jenna Ortega Breaking Character Over and Over

From style inspiration to viral TikTok dance challenges, Netflix’s Wednesday is truly the gift that keeps on giving — and more is coming our way.

While we patiently wait for season 2 to be confirmed — which, ICYMI, Jenna Ortega wants to be even darker — Netflix is satisfying all of our Wednesday needs with plenty of behind-the-scenes content.

Since the premiere of season one, many of the actors featured on the show have shared snaps from their time filming the series in Romania, giving us a look into everything from their Friendsgiving dinner in 2021 to the hair and makeup trailers. (PSA: Despite the abundance of behind content, none have come straight from Jenna Ortega’s camera.)

We also got an official sneak peek from Netflix showing how the scenes that involved Thing were filmed. Now, it’s time for some much-needed bloopers.

The official blooper reel for season one of Wednesday lives on Netflix’s YouTube channel and features some of the best moments from the hit show — from the archery scene to fencing shenanigans to minor behind-the-scenes accidents. Yes, Jenna Ortega did accidentally throw a flashlight at Emma Myers’s face. But, you know what they say: an image is worth a thousand words. You gotta see it to believe it. Watch the blooper reel for season one of Wednesday in full below:

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