What are the least loved countries by Canadians?

A new survey shows that Canadians have favorable and positive views of the UK, Italy, Japan and France, “all things considered.” about these countries.

The survey, conducted by Research Co., finds that the UK topped the list with 74 per cent of Canadians expressing a positive opinion, up one percentage point compared to a similar survey conducted in May 2022. The percentage of people who expressed a favorable opinion of Italy was 71 percent (2 points less) according to the new survey.

After Italy, Japan and France appear to have the most positive reputations among Canadians, with 70 percent of respondents saying they have a positive opinion of these countries (one point each).

Compared to the May survey, those who viewed Germany positively were down one percentage point, but the country remains favorable among Canadians with 69 percent of respondents saying they view Germany positively in the new survey. .

In the online survey, 1,000 Canadian adults were asked their opinion on 15 different countries, including Russia and North Korea. These two countries landed at the bottom of the list with only 11 percent of respondents having a favorable opinion of either.

“More than nine in 10 Canadians aged 55 and over (93 percent) currently hold a negative view of the Russian Federation,” said Mario Canseco, president of Research Co., in a press release. “The majority of Canadians aged 35-54 (78 percent) and 18-34 (68 percent) feel the same way.”

Fewer Canadians (23 percent) hold a positive view of Saudi Arabia, down one percentage point, according to the survey, compared with the May survey. When it comes to China, 18 percent of Canadians (down 2 points) hold a positive view, while 13 percent (down 3 points) hold a positive view of Iran.

Breaking down the data by region, 24 percent of people in Atlantic Canada, 21 percent in Ontario, and 18 percent in Alberta hold positive views of China. The survey found that 16 percent of people in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as well as 13 percent in Quebec, feel the same way.

Nearly three in five Canadians (57 percent, down 2 points) expressed a favorable opinion of South Korea, while 49 percent (down 1 point) thought highly of Mexico and 41 percent (down 4 points) said so. They made from India. .

Venezuela is also among the countries in which the fewest Canadians have a positive opinion (30 percent, one point less), according to the survey.

In the middle of the list, the US seems favorable among the majority of Canadians (54 percent, down 2 points), while fewer than two in five Canadians (39 percent, up 4 points) harbor negative sentiments. towards our neighbors. the South.

Fifty-five percent of people in Quebec, Atlantic Canada, and Ontario hold positive views of the US, while 52 percent of people in British Columbia, 50 percent in Alberta, and 48 percent of Saskatchewan and Manitoba residents feel the same way.


The survey was conducted online between January 2 and 4. One thousand Canadian adults participated in the survey. “Data were statistically weighted according to Canadian census figures by age, gender, and region. The margin of error, which measures the variability of the sample, is +/- 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20,” according to Research Co.

Reporting for this story was paid for through the Meta-funded Afghan Journalists-in-Residence Project.

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