Grocery refund will be issued in July CRA confirms


Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said Thursday that the federal government would issue promised “grocery rebate” payments in “just a few weeks.” But, according to the Canada Revenue Agency, they won’t land in the bank accounts of eligible Canadians until July.


In an email to, the CRA confirmed that it plans to implement the food inflation-focused benefit within eight weeks, in line with the next pre-scheduled quarterly GST/HST credit payments.


“Pending enactment of the proposed legislation, the Canada Revenue Agency expects to issue the grocery reimbursement to eligible individuals on July 5, 2023,” CRA spokeswoman Sylvie Branch said.


The bill implementing the $2.5 billion grocery reimbursement offer, as well as the $2 billion in “unconditional” health care matching funds for provinces and territories, is on track to pass the Senate at the end of next week, after the House unanimously approved it in April.


The one-time affordability measure was included in the March 2023 federal budget, and Freeland chose to remove this proposal from the main budget implementation bill to try to get these payments administered more quickly.


But, even with the final parliamentary seal of approval only days away, those hoping to receive this federal financial aid will have to wait two more months.


“It’s our liberal government that will deliver a grocery rebate in a few weeks to 11 million Canadians who need it most. That’s liberal compassion, that’s looking out for each other,” Freeland said during a panel discussion. at the Liberal Party of Canada convention in Ottawa.


This refund is a rebrand of the GST tax credit increase delivered last fall, and as such will be provided through the same system. For those who normally receive the GST tax credit, you probably won’t need to do anything more than file your tax return to receive the payment.


Eligible low- and modest-income Canadians are not required to spend this one-time payment at the grocery store, but Liberals tried to frame it as an effort to help offset the high cost of food.


Couples with two children will receive a payment of up to $467, while eligible seniors will receive up to $225 and eligible singles will receive up to $234.


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