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Data from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) shows that the backlog of applications in the inventory, across all lines of business, is now just over 800,000.


Numbers are current as of April 30. There are 2,006,000 million applications in inventory in total.


IRCC defines its inventory as applications that have not been completed. The department says it completed more than 5.2 million applications in 2022, double the number it completed in 2021.


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The latest inventory data does not reflect the full period of the recent work stoppage caused by the Public Services Alliance of Canada (PSAC) strike that lasted 12 days between April 19 and May 1, 2023.


During the last week of the strike, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser told reporters there were approximately 100,000 unprocessed applications during the strike that would otherwise have been processed, but he said it would not take long for the IRCC to get back on track. and process any resulting delays. .


service standards

IRCC strives to process 80% of received requests, from all lines of business, within service standards.


Service standards are the expected timeline or goal that IRCC sets for itself in terms of how long the department should take to process a request. The service standard is different from the actual amount of time that IRCC takes to process requests.


A request is considered backlogged if it does not meet the service standard for the request type.


Service standards vary by application type. For example, applications submitted through an Express Entry program have a standard of six months, applications for family class sponsorship are 12 months, and applications for temporary residence can range from 60 to 120 days, depending on whether it is of a work or study permit.


Permanent residence

Data as of April 30 shows that there were 632,000 applications in inventory for permanent residence. Of these, 51% or 322,000 were considered delayed or did not meet service standards.


The data breaks it down further, showing projected IRCC delays vs. actual delays for different types of applications.


The total backlog of applications for Federal Highly Skilled Workers (Express Entry) is 17%, which exceeds the IRCC goal of processing 80% of applications within service standards.


Express Entry application backlog for Provincial Nominee Program candidates continues to exceed the target 20% and as of April, 28% of applications were not processed within service standards.


Applications for spouses, partners and children of candidates for permanent residence registered a delay of 23%.



IRCC reports that of the 294,000 citizenship applications in the inventory, 221,000, or 75%, have been processed within service standards.


Data from August 2022 shows that 30% of citizenship applications did not meet service standards, and as of April 2023, IRCC has gradually closed the gap to the current 25% who do not meet the standard of service.


temporary residence

The portfolio of applications for temporary residence stands at 414,000 applications, or 38%, of the 1,080,000 applications in inventory.


Data shows that 50% of temporary resident (visitor) visas are not processed within the specific service standard. Minister Fraser has said that this is an area that was affected by the strike and that it could take longer than anticipated by the department to process all visitor visas.


The number of study permits processed exceeded the service standard with 82% of applications finalized on time. Work permits fell below 20% in March, but rose back to 22% not meeting the standard in April.


It is common for there to be a higher number of temporary residence visas in the spring and summer months. Visitors to Canada from abroad are increasing with the warmer weather and international students apply before starting their programs next fall.


There is also often an increase in the number of temporary workers in Canada at this time of year who require work permits.


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