What Is The Risk Of The New Corovir-19 Variant Spreading In Sri Lanka?

What Is The Risk Of The New Corovir-19 Variant Spreading In Sri Lank

Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA) says that the flu spreading across the country these days could be a new variant of the Covid-19 virus.


Chairman of the association Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne emphasized that different varieties of the Covid-19 virus can emerge depending on the nature of the disease.


“We don’t really have a good understanding of those variants. It takes time to analyze them and to obtain the reports.”


“Covid-19 patients are still being reported in many other countries like Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. But we don’t need to worry.”


Dr. Ariyaratne also pointed out that, however, it is essential to follow proper hygiene practices that we were following during the Covid-19 pandemic since the Influenza virus is also being spread.


“Especially it is important to wear a face mask properly,” he added.


The SLMA further mentions that several viral diseases are spreading due to the prevailing rainy condition, adding that it is difficult to identify those diseases separately from each other since the symptoms of these viral diseases are similar.


“However, it is essential for people to continue following health guidelines”, the SLMA said.


Meanwhile, the doctors have urged the general public to be cautious of Leptospirosis disease, since its spread is also on the rise.


“If you have the symptoms like fever, red eyes, muscle pain, dark-coloured urine…  If these symptoms are recognized early, then the complications of the Leptospirosis disease can be prevented by proper treatment”, the doctor added.


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