Google ‘HAR files import’ bug comes to light after v114 update


Multiple Google Chrome users are experiencing difficulties due to the ‘HAR files import’ bug within the Network tab.

HAR file import is commonly used by web developers, software testers, and network administrators to capture and analyze web requests between browsers and servers. It provides valuable insights for troubleshooting, optimizing performance, and addressing security issues.

Reports of Google Chrome ‘HAR files import’ bug troubling users

As per user reports, the issue of importing HAR files initially arose following the installation of the latest stable Windows v114.0.5735.91 update. Instead of showing the requests, the Network tab in Google Chrome only provides a general summary.

“When I import a HAR file, no calls are seen although I can see activity in the overview. I’ve tried with multiple HAR files that work on different computers but they don’t work on mine,” a user reported.

The HTTP Archive format, commonly known as HAR, holds significant importance in web development and debugging. Developers often rely on importing HAR files to gain valuable insights into various aspects such as troubleshooting, performance analysis, and security assessment. However, the presence of the current import bug has created difficulties for developers, hindering their ability to effectively examine and understand network interactions.

Issue acknowledged

Thankfully, the development team has managed to replicate the bug associated with importing HAR files and is actively working on resolving it. They have already implemented the required fixes in the Canary Channel using the 116.0.5827.0 builds. Additionally, in response to user requests, they are considering incorporating the fix into versions 114 and 115 as well.

A product expert posted: “Update for you. They have fixed the issue in the Canary Channel, and have requested the fix to be merged into versions 114 and 115, but thats all I know for now. I will keep you updated as soon as I know.”

With these efforts in place, hopefully, users will soon witness a permanent resolution to the HAR file import bug. The development team is working diligently to ensure that this issue is addressed promptly, allowing users to experience a seamless and error-free import process for HAR files.


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