How to fix Google Chrome crash ‘Aw Snap! Error code: Out of Memory’ error


How to fix Google Chrome crash ‘Aw Snap! Error code: Out of Memory’ error

Some Google Chrome users are experiencing a browser crash issue and seeing the ‘Aw Snap! Error code: Out of Memory’ while browsing certain websites.


In recent times, a number of users have brought to attention a bug related to the import of HAR files, which emerged following the v114 update. Unfortunately, adding to the frustration of users, yet another problem has emerged, further compromising the overall user experience.


Reports of Google Chrome crash: ‘Aw Snap! Error code: Out of Memory’ frustrates users

This issue has been going on for weeks now and causing interruptions for people using Chrome. Apparently, it only happens on some websites for users. There are many reports on the internet regarding this error. We have mentioned some of them below.


A Redditor posted: “I am currently experiencing this issue with youtube and memory usage is 6.6GB, opening youtube or booking causes the tab to keep increasing its memory usage until the entire 16GB of RAM is used, and then the tab gives an out of memory error, and RAM frees up. The pages are unresponsive at this time. Any solutions?”


“It happens whenever I open Amazon and YouTube. I need help,” another user shared.


Users have even tried basic troubleshooting steps such as clearing their cache, restarting their PC, reinstalling Chrome, and restarting the page whenever the error shows up. However, these seem to not work.


No response + potential fix

Google has yet to officially recognize the existence of the bug, leaving users to search for a solution.


Fortunately, a user who experienced the issue has managed to discover a workaround or fix for this particular bug.


“Disabling McAfee WebAdvisor worked for me also. Which is weird, because I’ve had the extension on Chrome for years with no problem. The error just started recently.”


As per their findings, resolving this malfunction involves the deactivation of McAfee WebAdvisor. McAfee WebAdvisor serves as a web extension for antivirus purposes, enhancing security during internet browsing.


It appears that this particular software is responsible for the glitch, therefore, if you have McAfee WebAdvisor installed on your Google Chrome browser, it is advisable to attempt disabling it as a potential solution.

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