Wuhan researcher claims COVID was engineered as a ‘bioweapon’ by China


As per a report by ANI, a researcher associated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology has purportedly suggested that China deliberately engineered COVID as a “bioweapon.”


Wuhan researcher claimed COVID was engineered as a bioweapon by China, revealing experiments surrounding the pandemic’s origins

Chao Shao, in an interview published by ANI and conducted by Jennifer Zeng, a member of the International Press Association, stated that he and his colleagues were provided with four virus strains to evaluate their respective abilities to spread efficiently.


The interview took place during the period of March to April 2020, with Zeng being a Chinese-born human rights activist and author.


Shao shared a recollection of an incident involving Shan Chao, a fellow researcher at the institute. According to Chao Shao, Shan Chao acknowledged receiving four different strains of the coronavirus from their supervisor for the purpose of assessing their ability to infect various species, including humans. Notably, Shao also made a reference to the coronavirus being labeled as a “bioweapon.”


Shao also brought up the issue of several of his colleagues going missing during the 2019 Military World Games that took place in Wuhan. According to him, one of the researchers who had disappeared later revealed that they were assigned to hotels where athletes from different countries were staying, under the pretext of conducting health and hygiene inspections.


Insights from Chao Shao on the COVID-19 pandemic origins

Chao Shao suspected that their actual motive might have been to intentionally propagate the virus, as virologists were not required for routine hygiene assessments.


Furthermore, Chao Shao made the claim that in April 2020, he was sent to Xinjiang to evaluate the well-being of Uyghur individuals who were detained in re-education camps. He insinuated that either he was instructed to spread the virus or observe its effects on humans since the role of a virologist seemed unnecessary for conducting regular health checks.


Chao Shao disclosed these details to Zeng, underscoring that they constitute just a fragment of the broader puzzle regarding the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, a global crisis that has tragically claimed the lives of nearly 7 million individuals worldwide.

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